Juice stand Up pouch with zipper and handle

PRODUCT: Juice Standup Pouch with Zipper and Handle

COLOUR: Translucent on both sides

THICKNESS: 100 microns



IDEAL FOR PACKING: Cold beverages.

GRADE: Food grade

STORAGE: To be stored at room temperature

EXTRA INFO: Can be sealed using heat sealing machine, straw holder attached and easy carry holes attached.

PRINTING: Digital Print - Minimum 2000 Nos


Volume To Be Filled

Liquid Capacity

130x180+40 BG


130x230+40 BG


If you're confused about which pouch size matches your requirements, then buy samples

Sizes in MM
(W * L + BG)
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100-400 500-900 1000-4900 5000-Above
130x230+40 BG MP-JUC-ST-ZP- B 6.86 6.07 5.75 5.59
100 686.00
130x180+40 BG MP-JUC-ST-ZP- S 6.58 5.80 5.47 5.32
100 658.00
  • W - Width
  • L - Length
  • BG - Bottom Gusset
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