Transparent flat bottom pouch with zipper

Flat bottom transparent pouch has named it comes with flat bottom, Once these pouches are filled with content it gets formed in a square shape, these pouch are also called box shape pouch. Flat bottom pouches are able to stand steady in the shelves which ensure maximum brand visibility, eye catchy and stands out from the crowd, maruthi plastics offer this unique pouches  online in sizes various.

Used for packing dry fruits, chocolates, snacks, biscuits, coffee powder, millets, food supplements, cereals, organic product, pet foods, herbal product, etc.


Volume To Be Packed

Dry Fruits

Powder Substances

100x200+30 BG



120x220+30 BG



140x240+30 BG






If you're confused about which pouch size matches your requirements, then buy samples

Sizes in MM
(W * L + BG)
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QTY - 100pcs/pack PCS AMOUNT Add to Cart
100-400 500-900 1000-4900 5000-Above
100x200+30 BG MP-FBTR-ZP- 250gm 6.72 5.87 5.65 5.46
100 672.00
120x220+30 BG MP-FBTR-ZP- 500gm 8.16 7.22 6.98 6.75
100 816.00
140x240+30 BG MP-FBTR-ZP- 750gm 9.30 8.29 8.02 7.75
100 930.00
160x260+40 BG MP-FBTR-ZP- 1Kg 11.67 10.55 10.20 9.86
100 1,167.00
  • W - Width
  • L - Length
  • BG - Bottom Gusset
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