Transparent front/silver back standup pouch with zipper

These Premium Stand up zipper Pouch with Metallic Back are made of high-quality material, which increases their strength and transparency. One side of these pouch is transparent and another shiny silver metallic, which comes with the zipper so that it can be reused. It comes with Topside open. Once you fill the product, you seal it from the top to close the mouth. These pouch ensure safe packaging and keep the item in its original condition for long, which makes them widely demanded in food & chemical industries. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes according to your requirements.

Highly used for dry fruits, cereals, pulses, spices, pickles, chemicals, snacks, tea, coffee, etc.


Volume To Be Packed

Dry Fruits

Powder Substances

100x165+30 BG



140x215+35 BG



180x250+40 BG



210x320+50 BG



If you're confused about which pouch size matches your requirements, then buy samples

Sizes in MM
(W * L + BG)
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100-400 500-900 1000-4900 5000-Above
100x165+30 BG MP-TR-MET-ST-ZP- 100gm 2.40 1.80 1.70 1.64
100 240.00
140x215+35 BG MP-TR-MET-ST-ZP- 250gm 3.66 2.98 2.78 2.68
100 366.00
180x250+40 BG MP-TR-MET-ST-ZP- 500gm 5.39 4.64 4.32 4.17
100 539.00
210x320+50 BG MP-TR-MET-ST-ZP- 1Kg 8.09 7.23 6.74 6.49
100 809.00
  • W - Width
  • L - Length
  • BG - Bottom Gusset
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