Transparent stand up pouch with spout

PRODUCT: Transparent Standup Pouch with Spout

COLOUR: Both sides transparent

THICKNESS: 115 microns




IDEAL FOR PACKING: Liquid Detergents, Semi Liquid Sauces, Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Dish Wash, Oil, Mayonnaise

GRADE: Food and Industrial grade

STORAGE: To be stored at room temperature

EXTRA INFO: Can be sealed using heat sealing machine & spout for closure.

PRINTING: Digital Print - Minimum 2000 Nos

CUSTOMISATION: Contact our experts (+91 90031 04040)

Transparent Spout pouch are lightweight and portable. Spout pouch provide zero leakage and resistance from puncture. One of the biggest concerns of liquid products manufacturers is the safe delivery of their products to retailers and then to consumers. Spout pouch are available in many numbers of styles and sizes. These pouch are equipped with a cap on top, which provides ease of pouring and filling application giving leakage proof packaging. These pouch are available in various specifications to fulfill the varied needs of clients.

If you're confused about which pouch size matches your requirements, then buy samples

Sizes in MM
(W * L + BG)
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100-400 500-900 1000-4900 5000-Above
100x135+25MM MP-TR-ST-SP- 100ML 3.36 2.70 2.46 2.37
100 336.00
105X160+30MM MP-TR-ST-SP- 200ML 3.59 2.91 2.68 2.58
100 359.00
135X215+35MM MP-TR-ST-SP- 500ML 5.01 4.25 3.96 3.82
100 501.00
180X250+40MM MP-TR-ST-SP- 1000ML 6.21 5.43 5.06 4.88
100 621.00
  • W - Width
  • L - Length
  • BG - Bottom Gusset
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